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2024 Winter Strength & Conditioning

As the temperatures start to drop and snow begins to accumulate many of us here long for the warm and sunny days we have become accustomed to over the past several months. Winter, however, provides an opportunity to improve your overall health. Consider complimenting your Spring, Summer and Fall activities with a strength and conditioning program. Introducing new movement patterns and loads will allow your bones, muscles and connective tissue to rebuild, providing long-term durability. Fitness is comprised of strength, mobility, aerobic capacity. Winter is the time to train your weaknesses.


2024 Winter Intro Strength and Conditioning.


Jan 9th – Feb 13

This 6-week program will focus on

·         Proper Barbell Technique

·         Gaining strength with barbell compound exercises (overhead press, back squat, deadlifts)

·         Improving aerobic capacity

·         Expanding our body’s range of motion.

·         Proper Nutrition


Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 am or 6:00 pm session

Sessions are 75 minutes and cap at 5 participants.

Cost - $165


We welcome participants from all backgrounds who want to experience the basics of weightlifting and learn how to improve their performance for sports or individual needs.

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